Sourdough Discard Pancakes

Savory Pancakes

I have been saving my sourdough discard this week, well at least 3 days worth. A number of times in the past I have made pancakes but one day’s discard has not been enough. Specifically, if I want to add an egg, I get a very eggy disc of fried dough.

Today, something savory is called for. I have half of smoked sausage, precooked. There is some fresh onion I can get a slice from and a Fresno chili. Eggs are always in stock plus both baking powder and soda for a bit of a rise.

The first order of business is to finely dice some onion and get it into a pan with butter. Raw onions do not agree with me so I have to at least sweat it very well. After perhaps 5 minutes in goes the diced Fresno chile pepper. It has a little heat but good flavor. I let that work for awhile before tossing in the cubed sausage and give some time for everything to come together flavor wise.

While the flame emitter is doing it’s best to apply heat, I take the time to add an egg to the sourdough discard. Also included is an unmeasured amount of baking soda and it’s cousin baking powder. The hope is together a bit of a rise will happen.

The meat and veg is ready to go. In the past, the center pour of batter into the skillet usually pushes the fillings out to the edge, so today, I pour around the edges first. The fillings responded by clumping into the center. I had considered using a squeeze bottle but did not want to have to wash both the bottle and funnel used to fill it.

After turning up the heat a bit, I grate a small amount of Colby-Jack cheese for some extra melty goodness.

When I see at least a few pancake bubble appear and the top is close to set, I give the pan a flip to reveal nicely browned meat and veg surrounded my mostly plain dough outside. The shredded cheese is spread not so evenly around while I wait for the other side to cook.

After time for second side browning, I slipped it onto a plate and sated my hunger for a time. A late breakfast but first meal of the day regardless. It is a warm day today but there is something about cooked food that makes me feel more human even when I don’t feel like it so much.

Savory pancakes made from sourdough discard. Overall, it wasn’t half bad. I give this an 8/10

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