Sourdough Focaccia Pizza

One of the issues I have with the blog, is that It is not the first thing on my mind when hunger raises its ugly head.

Case in point: It is after 7p.m. And although the heat makes it hard to think, my stomach has its own ideas. Hours since my last feeding, I AM HUNGRY.

I have today’s discard focaccia. There is always some sort of meat in tube form available. Cheese of several types is in stock. I have some cubed tomatoes left over form some dish or another. I took a bowl of frozen spinach to thaw this afternoon. Biber Salcasi check. Garlic and onion as well.

Chop a bit of onion and into a small saucepan with olive oil. In goes a spoon of Biber Salcasi (Turkish pepper paste) and some crushed garlic plus the chopped chilis. After a bit of time, tomatoes-canned. On the heat for perhaps 10 minutes while I shave some Parm and crumble a bit of Panela.

A square of focaccia is split and onto each half goes a thick schmear of sauce. Next the shaved Parm followed drained spinach, sliced sausage and topped with the Panela. Toaster oven bound. 15 minutes at 350° and dinner is served. Only a few images as I realized it must be documented. Done. I did manage to grab a wee dram of Bullett Rye as an aside.

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