Join Me

Almost everything that I eat is made from scratch. Long slow braises are typical. I enjoy the cheaper off cuts of my youth like tongue and hocks although they are not as cheap as they used to be. I love me a good mess of greens.

Eat new things

When I shop, I might have some idea about what I want to eat that week, but I am mainly driven by what looks freshest. I try to keep a stocked larder (somewhat difficult with the Covid craziness continuing) and cook from there.

Eat Fresh

Forget the canned and prepared foods. They are easy and fast but filled with too much chemistry for my taste.

Cook to please your palate

Although I will try to provide recipes, this is more about how I feel about food and my approach to cooking and eating. I look at recipes to get inspiration, but rarely cook directly from the directions of others. Well except for baking which is chemistry and maths.

What I do look for is the proportions of product that someone is using. I usually start there and experiment based on what my palate tells me.

Cook based on what your palate tells you it likes. Use more or less pepper, garlic, salt, or acidity based on what is enjoyable to you. You should cook to please your palate.

For instance, typical cinnamon rolls are much too sweet for me. They are usually topped with a crust of sugar glaze. I never glaze my cinnamon rolls. There is plenty of sweetness both in the dough and inside the roll. I like to taste the delicate yeast notes and revel in the sharp cinnamon. You of course may be different. Have it the way that makes you happy.

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