Salvadoran Breakfast item #8, at My House

One more morning coming to an end and the need for nutrition calls.

Eggs are always on hand but I eat them rarely as a meal. The plantain I bought a few days ago is approaching full black ripeness and there is but one portion of the last beans I made. What comes to mind is a Salvadoran breakfast or at least through the lens of a restaurant local to a previous abode.

The place is called El Buen Gusto Restaurant at the corner of Glendale Blvd. and Madera Ave just north of the 5 freeway in the Atwater Village neighborhood. The papusas are among the very best I have had in Los Angeles. I particularly like the Revuelta with pork rinds, cheese, and beans. My abode was less than 2 blocks away making it an easy choice for a quick meal.

I did not know they were open for breakfast until a friend wanted to have a morning meeting and suggested we meet at El Buen Gusto. The Salvadoran breakfast was not in my experience so I ordered #8-Platillo Salvadoreno, Dos huevos, plantanos, frijoles, crema o queso or 2 eggs, fried plantains, rice and beans with sour cream. A good breakfast it was and one I was to repeat at later early meetings.

Back to present day, I cut half of the ripe plantain into rounds and put them into a hot pan with lots of butter to brown. Unlike the much slower cooked half sliced plantanos served at El Buen Gusto, I made them similar to what my mother prepared, higher heat and well browned. In another small saucepan, the beans were mixed with the last of the bean juice and heated slowly. My beans are often full of pork and this batch was enriched with bacon and pork shoulder.

After the plantains were flipped, a bit too brown but not yet burned, I heated yet another skillet for my one egg over easy. Onto the plate with the plantains, beans with a dollop of labne instead of sour cream and the less than perfect egg.

What we have here is a perfectly tasty and rich way to break the fast. A little heavy on the fat and pretty carb loaded but it was a Friday morning treat and I refuse to feel guilty about eating well. It is Friday the 13th.

Salvadoran Breakfast item #8, at My House

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