Deviled Eggs with Bacon Jam

A traditional staple of the Summer Picnic is good for just about anytime. Deviled eggs are an easy treat that are bumped up if you happen to have some bacon jam about. Since I just made some jam, deviled eggs are on the way even though a picnic is out of order in the continuing Covid era. They are also good for any dinner party as a quick and easy appetizer, but that kind of thing is not exactly on the horizon yet either. It will certainly be a different Thanksgiving this year.

The first time I made this version was several years ago when invited to a beach BBQ. Most of the mains were already spoken for but there were not enough finger foods or snacks on the list. The first thing to mind was Deviled Eggs and there was a batch of Bacon Jam sitting in the fridge waiting for a new preparation. They went over so well that I rarely make deviled eggs without the bacon jam.

A fairly simple standard recipe is my starting point here. Gently boiled eggs are left to cool just a bit before using the shake method to remove the shells. The shake method is using a jar that can hold 2-4 eggs, filled about half way with water, water tight lid on and shake to break shells. The water gets between the shell and the egg and shells usually slip right off. The extra bit of effort is not for one or two eggs, but any more will save some time.

Egg boil from ugly peeled batch

Just 3 eggs in my 2.5 quart saucepan with water already salted and at a boil. I have boiled eggs many different ways and the cold eggs in hot water do seem to peel easier. A brief dip into cold water afterwards also appears the thing to do. In any case, 10 minutes of heat is my standard and I’m sticking to it. When time is up, remove eggs to a bowl and put under running water. Fill bowl and let sit 10 minutes to cool a bit. Put eggs into a jar, mayonnaise or peanut butter etc, fill half full of water, screw on lid and shake over the sink in case of any leaks. Shells will crack and often remove themselves from the egg. If not fully detached, just use your fingers to finish the job.

Take peeled eggs and cut in half from point to bottom. This particular batch is just cooked through the yolk but I like the texture. Gently remove yolk to waiting bowl. Add mayonnaise, brown mustard, salt, pepper, and of course the bacon jam. Mix well and taste for seasoning. Go light on the salt until you taste, the bacon jam can be fairly salty.

Tip for easy finish is to use a pastry bag if you have one. A star or fluted tip makes a nice deviled egg but if you don’t have a pastry bag the easiest way to finish the eggs is to take a sandwich or quart sized ziplock bag and just cut off the corner and use it like a pastry bag. Sometimes transporting deviled eggs can be difficult so I usually use the egg carton lined with cling wrap for the egg whites and take the filling in a baggie to finish onsite. No more flat top squished deviled eggs. Top with a sprinkle of Smoked Paprika and snacks are served.

Another presentation tip is to use a serrated knife such as a bread knife to cut the eggs. It leaves nice grooves in the egg white for different look.

I have been making deviled eggs for a very long time and never have I used a recipe. First I watched my mother and later on other cooks. None of them used a measure of any kind past counting the eggs. The mayonnaise helps with the mustard to bind but the flavor should be of eggs not mayonnaise. Mustard helps to add a bit of a bite and almost always goes with mayo on anything. Salt and pepper are always to taste. Any other additions like the bacon jam are for added flavor but if the eggs are not the star you have used too much. If the eggs are extra large or jumbo you will need more of everything.

Sorry folks, that’s all I’ve got and I am not looking up a recipe just to see how much to suggest since it will not be to my taste.

Aside: the peel.

I cannot even begin to count the times I have made deviled eggs. They are a summer picnic staple and are not infrequently made to use up eggs that have been around just a bit too long. As a take with, it is the norm to boil more eggs than needed so that the ugly peeled ones can be eaten by the maker before delivering the nice ones for public consumption. The first batch made for this lovely presentation were all ugly peel. 7 eggs went into the water and only one would almost have made the cut. I tried again with only a few eggs and showed some better peeling skills. Of course, I had various iterations of egg salad for days after.

Deviled Eggs with Bacon Jam


  • 3 eggs
  • Prepared Bacon Jam
  • Mayonnaise
  • Grained or Brown Mustard
  • Salt and Pepper


  • Hard boil eggs in your usual way or refer to above for my preferred method
  • Cool eggs and remove shells
  • Cut eggs point to bottom
  • Remove yolk to bowl
  • Add mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and bacon jam
  • Mix well
  • Use spoon, pastry bag or ziplock method to pipe yolk mixture back into egg white
  • Top with a sprinkle of Smoked Paprika and serve
This tray was not a good purchase. Finished eggs are hard to pick up.

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