Pasta Fritatta, Repurposing your Leftovers

Yesterday’s lunch of Chicken, Fideo, and Mushrooms with Biber Salçasi was more than I could eat so I stored the remainder in the fridge. It had a good bit of moisture when it went in the fridge, but the pasta has as usual dried out a bit. I have chicken stock from the poach, but I decided to go another way. Pasta Fritatta is just the thing.

My mother did not use leftover spaghetti like this but she would mix various leftovers with eggs to fry them up as breakfast. Most commonly she used last night’s mashed potatoes for this mornings potato pancakes.

Today I made a fritatta with chicken and fideo just as easy as you please. There was about a cup of pasta and chicken that I mixed with two eggs and a good sprinkle of Chipotle Molido (powdered smoked jalapeno) for bit of extra heat.

The nonstick pan got a good knob of butter and once it was nice and hot in went the mix. It was a pan filling mass that needed a fairly high heat to cook well. I like a good brown. After about 5 minutes, the flame was reduced to medium low. You are looking for the top of the dish to be almost set and not loose enough to make a mess when you perform the flip. It took longer than anticipated, about 12 or 13 minutes. You could also use a flat plate set atop the pan, overturned and then slip the frittata back into the pan.

The usual easy flip eluded me since the disc was too stiff to roll up out of the pan. I resorted to using a silicone spatula for the turn. The bottom was a nice brown and it did not take long at all for the top to finish cooking.

I don’t eat that much these days so it served both as breakfast and lunch. My current sedentary life leaves not much room for the larger meals I used to enjoy so much. Age and Covid related house arrest takes a toll on all of us.

Sorry, not a very good job of cleaning the plate for the photo and a a terrible color match

Pasta Fritatta


  • 1 cup leftover pasta like the previously posted Chicken, Fideo, and Mushrooms with Biber Salçasi
  • 2 Eggs
  • Butter for the pan, non-stick or well seasoned cast iron are perfect


  • Mix eggs with pasta
  • Melt butter in pan over medium-high heat
  • Pour mixture into pan
  • Let brown for 5 minutes shaking the pan after a few minutes to loosen from bottom
  • Turn pan down to medium-low and continue cooking for 12-14 minutes until bottom is well browned
  • Flip and brown bottom for additional 2-5 minutes
  • Serves 2 of lesser appetite or 1 hungry human


Simple, easy and fast. This can be made with many leftovers. Try using mashed potatoes or just about any veg. Add cheese or leftover protein. It can be baked as well. Start it on the stove for 5 minutes and put into a 350° oven until eggs are set.

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