Just a Pot o Beans

OK, so I realize it’s just a pot o beans but I found this smoked pig tail in the freezer that I had kind of forgotten about. It’s early still, there’s plenty of time.

I know, I know, the pig tail has to be cooked first for at least a couple of hours just to break down, but I still have some stock left over from that ham hock last week. That will get it started pretty good. All I have to do is cut up some onion and garlic.

Got it, that pig tail is really well smoked, it’s taking more like 3 hours but I cut it in half after 2 and split the skin so it will break down better.

Its been 3 hours, but look, if I get the beans on now, they might be ready by 7:30 or so. Here, I’ll strip the meat off of the tail and cut the skin in very thin strips. The connective tissue is still holding the bones together so I’ll just throw them back in too.

Wait, what about this shredded pork meat from those tacos? There is still a bunch left maybe I’ll just toss this in the pot too. I usually don’t put any tomato in my beans, but that salsa I made is not going to last too much longer, think I’ll use it too. This stuff is getting pretty spicy but that’s OK.

Yeah, it’s 8:30 already and the beans are still not soft yet, maybe that bag had been around for awhile. Good thing I had some chicken stock to put in there, it was starting to get too dry. Gotta eat something, how about some sharp cheddar on those Balsamic Vinegar and Basil Triscuits? There’s still an All Beef Ball Park hot dog in here, I’ll just throw it in the pot of beans to heat it up.

You know that hot dog’s done when it just splits down the middle. Well, at least I had Triscuits, cheese, and a hot dog for dinner. Those beans will taste great tomorrow.

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