Call me Chuck

Call me Chuck
Chuck steak that is
I'm tough but tasty
I take time to achieve
All that I can be
On sale
Only $2.99/lb
I'm here in your fridge man
Take me out
Lets dance

I want my friends
Onion and garlic
There are mushrooms too
Right there on the shelf
In the blue styrofoam tray

Make sure i get a good sprinkling
Salt and pepper
Hot hot pan
You hear the sizzle
As meat kisses stainless steel
Make me brown and crusty
Then set me to the side

Take friends onion and garlic
Chop one and crush the other
Into the hot pan without me
They need their alone time
On the heat
When just right
Sweated and translucent
They join me
Plenty of room atop my caramelized bark

Mushrooms next
Sliced thick
Yet another knob of butter
Lower the heat
Lest they burn
Only a few minutes
Mushrooms are a delicate lot
Without further ceremony
We all join mushrooms

Water makes a hot tub
We simmer for an hour
Perhaps two
All of our flavors blending
Yet distinct
A touch of roux
Just enough to make
Silky and clinging

A rumor of smashed potatoes
Proves correct
As we nestle together
On the plate
Party in your mouth
(onions, garlic, and mushrooms are vegetables, right?)

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