Focaccia, cheese, meat, and egg

Breakfast Sammy

Breakfast sandwich if you are proper.

I had been on the phone with an close friend on the other coast for over an hour. When she called, breakfast was prepped and read to cook. It was now past noon and my stomach was talking. It had nothing good to say.

Laid out on the cutting board were a few slices of Colby-Jack cheese, a pile of sliced meat from a previously cooked hamhock, a bottom half of sliced sourdough focaccia, one raw egg, and the knife as I had laid it down.

First things first, my one nonstick pan goes on the heat and dressed with a small chunk of butter. While the pan does not stick, I like to fry eggs in butter for the flavor. While the pan was coming to temp, I went back to the cutting board and finely diced the meat. Into the now hot pan and just a minute or so to lightly brown. That under control, I tossed the focaccia into the toaster oven for the first of 3 go rounds. Waiting for that to cycle, I returned to the stove to crack a fresh egg over the meat. There was some difficulty and alas, the yolk was cracked.

Accepting my lack of grace with the egg yolk, I folded the meat gently into the white and yolk, I did not attempt to scramble them together. Layers people. A quick flip and almost done. I like my eggs lightly cooked and it only took a minute or so. Then onto a small plate off the heat.

Meanwhile, the timer went off for the toaster and removing the focaccia, I dressed it with a slice of cheese and back onto the heat. Two minutes later, ding again, the cheese has melted enough for me. Then bread on a serving plate to receive the egg and meat. Carefully it is placed and dressed with more cheesy goodness. Seeing a cherry tomato package on the counter, one is sliced and added atop the cheese then salt & fresh ground pepper of course. Back into the toaster oven for the last time to melt the cheese on top and warm the tomato.

A sprig of basil or two would have been nice, but not today. I took into the living room, turned on the TV and fed my hunger. My stomach satisfied, I move on with the day. A breakfast sandwich is good anytime but morning is ideal.

Cheyenne can interrupt my breakfast anytime she damn well pleases.

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