Bread and Soup

One of the joys of cooking on a regular basis is having the choices available when it come to meal time. Case in point this morning.

I slept in a bit, Covid doesn’t care and I went through my usual routine of making tea from bulk leaves and sitting down at the computer to see just what difficult news I have to know about today. Yet more election drama but not so terrible after all. We will have an election in 90 days and choices will be made. That is all the politics I will share.

After my first cup of tea has had it’s intended effects, morning hunger starts to gnaw a bit. Yesterday’s thicker than usual foccacia is available and on the stove is the stock left from my last chicken poach. All of the veg had already been strained out already, but I still hadn’t put it away since rising bread dough was taking up space in the cold box. This presents no problem since I bring it to a boil each day and let it bubble for 15 minutes or so. It both reduces the stock a bit and keeps it safe to consume. It won’t last long anyway as it get used for this dish or that.

A piece of focaccia is cut and tossed into the simmering pot of rich chicken stock. It gets a nice coating of schmaltz and soaks up the broth. Since the focaccia is very sturdy it does not get mushy or soak all the way through in the dunk. Into a small steel bowl and since the stock is close to salt free, I give a few grinds of Himalayan Pink Salt to season. So it’s not just bread and soup, I did pull out some whole milk Panela, a few oil cured olives and sliced a Roma tomato. How very Mediterranean of me. It is pretty hot so I get a fork and have a tasty simple breakfast.

 Later on I will likely cook, but for now I am sated.

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