Sourdough Discard Crackers are Crispy and Addictive

I make sourdough bread 2 or 3 times a week and although the discard issue is not much of money issue, the idea of just throwing away food is a problem for me. I have made discard pancakes but I don’t always want pancakes when I feed my starter. Discard makes a fine loaf of bread as well, but I do not need more bread everyday. On the other hand, I do like a good cracker.

In looking for a sourdough discard cracker recipe, the Little Spoon Farm take seemed a good one since it requires no extra flour, just discard, salt, and butter plus any herbs or spices you may like. I make these now at least twice a week and eat them like chips.

It is a very simple thing. Melt butter in a bowl, add sourdough discard plus salt and any other flavors you like then bake. If you want a more structured cracker, after 10 minutes at temp, score the bake with a pizza cutter or dull knife. A more free form cracker is made by just breaking apart the sheet of baked dough.

A few notes on the method and recipe are in order. First off, the Little Spoon Farm recipe is written for a ½ sheet pan. Parchment gives a clean release. However, for me, trying to spread a sticky dough evenly on paper that moves and crinkles without an icing spatula is problematic. I had thick, just cooked crackers in the center and wonderful lacy almost burnt edges. I had to take off the edges and bake the thicker center crackers until done to my taste.

I bought a set of icing spatulas, online of course and the bend was awful. There was not enough relief to prevent my knuckles from dragging in the dough. Rather than send them back, I re-bent each one to allow actual use. It also helps a bit to lightly oil the bottom of the spatula.

This was much better, but the parchment still moves and crinkles. Out of the cabinet with my silicone baking mat. The mat of course is much thicker and the crinkle problem was fixed. On the silicone I got a much more even bake as well but there was still too much dough to give me the ultra thin, just shy of burnt cracker chip I was after.

Reducing the discard from 200g to 175g seems the sweet spot for me with a ½ sheet. Practice has given me more even coverage with the icing spatula and the silicone mat an even cook for a wonderful crispy cracker chip. My oven is not very consistent but a total bake time of 25-35 minutes at 325° gives me what I’m looking for.

The spot for me is a deep golden brown that if left a minute two or longer becomes actually burned. Topped with sesame seeds, course salt, and fresh cracked black pepper. Sourdough Discard Crackers are Crispy and Addictive.

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