My Camera Dumped Me

and I’m not pleased

So, yesterday, I decided to get out my real camera. It is a full frame digital Nikon DSLR and has been my main camera for years. I bought it for stills only, no video. It has photographed an untold number of weddings, birthday parties, musicians, and anything else that put food on my table. I was working a on a piece about the baked sandwich that I make out of focaccia dough and wanted better images than the garbage that is produced by my cheapo cell phone. It works just fine as a phone, but imaging is not it’s strong suit.

I pulled out my camera bag and extracted my rig. The battery was of course dead and damn it all my charger is AWOL. Of course, there is the 8AA battery tray and I have enough new batteries to use. In they go and flash attached, I shoot my focaccia sandwich piece.

Sandwich baked, cut, and now half eaten, I go back to the computer, pull out the formerly trusty card reader and…zip, nada, no way. Alright, I do have the proper cord to connect the camera directly and NOPE! Each and every card that is inserted in the camera is apparently DOA. No way to tell if it is a card problem (4 different cards) or more likely a camera issue. At this point, I have more than gotten the usage out of that particular camera body but I was not prepared to face purchasing both a new phone and a new camera.

We were together for a long time and perhaps it is time for a change, like it or not. My camera dumped me and I’m not pleased.

That all being said, the images on this blog, unless pre-existing, are going to be less than nominal for a time. Just the way things go.

Photo Credit: Jacki Sackheim

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