Breakfast Focaccia with Ricotta, Duxelle and Egg

Look in your fridge and pantry. Get inspired to make something tasty. Buy a variety of proteins, vegetables and starches then mix and match until you come up with something. Remember the different kinds of tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami. Make sure you cover them all when you shop so you can layer flavors accordingly.

It is Saturday at 10a.m. and as usual something has to be done to sate the morning hunger pangs. As usual there is focaccia and the Duxelle (mushrooms) I made the other day. Whole Milk Ricotta is in the cold box as well as eggs. All together they will do the trick I think.

First I toss the focaccia in the toaster oven for the first round of heating. While this happens, I put the egg pan on the flame then retrieve an egg, Ricotta, and Duxelle from their rest.

Next a pat of butter in the pan and focaccia on a well used pizza pan. The butter starts to sizzle while I pile some Duxelle on the bread. Next, I top the mushrooms with small dollops of rich Ricotta. The egg goes into the pan followed by the bread, Duxelle, and Ricotta into the toaster oven again.

Flip the egg and turn off the flame. Remove bread from the oven and onto a waiting plate. Top the bread, Duxelle, and Ricotta with the egg and grate fresh black pepper on top. Finally, I cut a couple of cherry tomatoes and sat down on my kitchen photo bench to make a mess on my chin.

Hollandaise would have been just too much but it was considered

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