Pigs in a Blanket is a Perfect Snack

One of the wonderful things about always having a batch of dough handy is that on a whim something pretty wonderful can be produced and consumed.

It was getting to be 4pm and a long way from breakfast. I usually eat but twice a day, but this time of the afternoon often calls for a snack. There were some Johnsonville Brats, the precooked ones (grabbed the wrong package, but still decent enough), cheese, bacon jam, and a batch of dough that had been retarding for a few day in the cold. The new small fridge is not so cold meaning the dough had risen massively but it would do well enough.

First I weighed out 125 grams for a true flatbread in the 8×8. Next about 60 grams on an oiled pie pan then stretched to a rectangle waiting for tube meat, milk curd, and the aforementioned bacon jam. A bit of caramelized onion would have been nice, but there are plenty of onions in the jam.

Drop sausage onto dough, cheese on one side and bacon jam on the other. Fold over dough to make a nice overcoat, seal the ends and top with sesame seeds, black pepper and smoked paprika. Into a 450° oven for 13 minutes and late afternoon snack time is here. My mother would have called it a pig in a blanket.

Apparently Betty Crocker coined the phrase Pigs in a Blanket in the book Cooking for Kids in 1957.

Hunger pangs kept me from thinking about lining the pie pan and it did stick. The dough was not sealed well enough and some of the sweet jam managed to leak out to cement the bottom of the sandwich to the tin.

Luckily, this is for personal consumption and not presentation. Photograph, cut, photograph and devour. Not a bad little snack.

This can be done with biscuit dough, regular yeasted dough, or in my case sourdough focaccia. My timer just went off and it is time to make the flatbread. That one did not get the photo treatment since it is a test and the highly over-proofed dough may not have much oven spring. We will see.

Pigs in a Blanket is a Perfect Snack

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